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What CUNE makes is not fashion. Nor is it a mode. If I had to compare it, it would be `barely clothes''.

We make what we want to make. However, this is not necessarily what you want to wear or what you want.

I don't think about who will wear it, who I want to wear it, or how to coordinate it.

You don't have to buy it. Watch what you're doing from a distance.


Hironori Yasuda


Started in 1994. Each season they set a unique theme and present their collections on an exhibition basis.

2008 S/S "Australia"
2008 A/W "TEXAS"
2009 S/S "intestines"
2009 A/W "THE MOVIE"
2010 S/S "white of eyes"
2010 A/W "YES I KNOW"
2011 S/S "chinese dumpling"
2011 A/W "Kawasaki"
2012 S/S "Dolly"
2012 A/W "Intestines and whites of eyes"
2013 S/S "feel ill"
2013 A/W "Cabbage core"
2014 S/S "Laser printer gorilla"
2014 A/W “Balsan®”
2015 S/S "old bread"
2015 A/W "The bulge above a cat's mouth."
2016 S/S "Raw Meat IN THE SKY"
2016 A/W "A person dragged by a horse"
2017 S/S "Outdoor unit"
2017 A/W "Steamed chicken with vegetable scraps and dead sweet shrimp served with stainless steel screws"
2018 S/S "The back of the crab"
2018 A/W "Rubber beans"
2019 S/S "Shit brand"
2020 S/S “Mourning/Mourning”
2020 A/W "Someone who goes to the freezer for a while"
2021 S/S “I play a lot with cats.”
2021 A/W “It’s swollen.”
2022 S/S "Imo human"
2022 A/W "Tokyo Hell Land Japan"
2023 S/S "Dog"



4-28-22 B1F Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo

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1-40-11 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 

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1-19-11 Imaizumi Chuou-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka

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Operating Company

Mammoth Co., Ltd.1-34-19 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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